Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fishing Club pleased Ruth Lake full

By Isaac Helton
Fortuna High School Fishing Club wants to go fishing at Ruth Lake since it has filled.

It's not even full, it's overflowing.We can take a few boats down and not worry about mud getting the boats stuck. Now that the water is higher, it will be easier to catch fish because there will be more places to go.

Dodgeball FFA meeting builds teamwork

Wednesday March 20th the Fortuna FFA chapter held their monthly meeting. This month the meeting was in the Little Theatre for chapter degrees and dodge ball at 6:30 pm.
Members were divided into six different teams with a bracket for a tournament style game. The purpose was to get every FFA member involved, having a great time, and developing great personal and people skills. Every FFA member was invited and encouraged to come!

“It went great!” says Austin Beltz. There were 105 members present, and 21 guests. The winning team was the green team. Next month’s meeting is set to be April 21st.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Some seniors choose military

By Reid Lewis
Some students at Fortuna High School plan on going to college after their senior year. But there are also some going into the military for many different reasons. Some join for the benefits and others join just because they don’t know what they want to do. When we signed u,p we had to travel to Eureka. Most who signed up were at the end of our junior year, while others had to wait for the beginning of this year. Based on the branch you signed up with, you would have to go to a MEPS, Military Entrance Processing Station.

There are some people joining different branches of the military.  Some want to join Marines while others want to join the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, or Air Force.  There are only four seniors that are joining the Army this year so far, while there are currently five juniors actively trying to go and enlist when they are able to. The jobs that are taken by Fortuna High seniors currently are Combat Medic, Ranger Contract, Underwater Demolitions Diver, and Direct Fire Infantry. We all leave at different times and go to different places to do our training.

Sadies Hawkins tomorrow will be a Wonderland

By Stefania Cruz
This weekend, March 22 is Sadie Hawkins! The theme this year is Alice In Wonderland or you can wear the traditional Sadie Hawkins western style.  Its girl’s choice, so don’t forget to ask that special someone or just go with your friends!
The dance will be located in the boy’s gym. The dance is from 9 to 12 am. You can buy your ticket at the SFO during break or lunch. Single is $10 and couple is $15. Buy your tickets today!
This is Interact’s big fundraiser, so go and support them so they can raise money!
By Austin Beltz

In Humboldt County there will be a contest where students submit essays or poems for a contest; it will require them to have the essay already graded, so that they don’t write an essay for it.

This contest will only be available to students in Humboldt County.  Students will be required to write submit their essay or poem before April 15 through their English teacher.  The winner will be invited to Humboldt State University to be commended for their victory.

Baseball: a great start to a winning season

By Tanner Mendes

The Fortuna High baseball team has had a great start to their 2014 season. The team has great overall record and is currently in first place in league, according to Tyler Janowski. Also the Fortuna baseball team has been unbeatable except for teams out of our area.

Senior Bryant head has a very successful season so far and has thrown one shut out game so far this season. Head has not allowed very many hits off of him this season. Also Head has a very low ERA which is very good. 

The Fortuna High baseball team is going to have a very successful season if they keep up the way that they are playing now.

Prom April 19th will be Midnight Masquerade

By Zachery Bluhm
Prom will be the masked masquerade  April 19th at the River Lodge from 9-midnight. Be sure to buy your mask before April 19th at the SFO. Tickets will be going on sale soon. You can also get those at the SFO.

Junior class President Michaela Barros is arranging the event, “For as long as we’ve been planning this, we think it’s going to be one of the best proms in a while because it’s going to be different with the masks.”

Barros said,  “Be sure to get ready for a groovy and wild time.”