Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Recruiters share experience

By Reid Lewis and Isaiah Smith
Sgt. Banks and Carter in the last two years stated their opinion on Iraq and Afghanistan. They reported how physically demanding and hot it is. They recorded being there is a way to help free people from dictators and terrorist groups.

Sgt. Mike Banks reported that “The citizen talking to you during the day could be shooting at you during the night.”

My opinion: Why PE should stay mandatory

By Cristian Garcia
Why P.E. Should be Mandatory
Before we had the technology we have today, everything people did involved physical movement. Everyone couldn’t just go into a store and buy food for their families to eat. People had to farm and grow all of their crops. It involved a ton of labor. People had to plow the fields, water the plants, pick the weeds, and harvest the plants. Now we have technology to most of that work. There are tractors to plow the fields, water systems to irrigate the plants, and herbicides to kill unwanted plants. Today, due to technology, a lot of people are not getting the sufficient amount of physical activities to stay healthy.
Most of public schools today, have a mandatory P.E. class, but due to the economy, it’s starting to get rid of in some schools. They believe since it’s not an academic class, it is the easiest to get rid of. According to Allgov.com only one third of California’s students are considered physically fit in 2013. The say it is due to the budget cuts for physical education.
Some people think physical education isn’t necessary. Carmen Jordan doesn’t think it should be necessary’s he says that, “Students could spend that time doing more important things, such as getting ready for the ACT or taking a college prep class.” She also says that, “the most unnecessary mandatory class.” They also argue saying that physical education isn’t working because more people are getting overweight even with the program. I disagree with her though.
There are way more pros than cons to having mandatory Physical Education. It teaches students about being healthy and gives you a daily exercise. Rob Garcia says that,” A class (P.E.) that is meant to teach students the importance of maintaining good personal health and pass along healthy habits on exercising and eating -- just like those commercials and shows you see on TV, except now you’re actually accomplishing something!” I agree with Rob Garcia.
I, being a student, agree with keeping Physical Education. It keeps us in good shape and active unlike all other classes where all we do is sitting in a desk. I can’t imagine how many more people out of shape we would have on top of the many we already do. I think most of the students enjoy Physical Education.
I disagree with people who oppose Physical Education. They say that it takes time from other academic classes. I believe a Physical Education is just as important because a person’s health is just as important as other classes. If a person isn’t healthy, what’s the use of having them full of knowledge? I think if we keep physical education a requirement just like academic classes, we’d get the best results. We would have healthy and educated people in the future.
As you can see, I believe physical education is a very important class to keep. I don’t think we should have them removed from schools.

Husky football starts strong

By Tanner Mendes
The Fortuna High varsity Huskies are 2 and 1 in preseason play. Josh Simmons, Fortuna High senior, says “the o-line did a fantastic job in the milk can game on September 20,2013.” Simmons says he wants to win HDN for his senior year.
Simmons said the o-line was a big help for the offense by making some big holes for the running backs to go through in the Milk Can game. Simmons also said that the defense was very strong and put Ferndale in the dirt and didn’t allow any big plays for them to succeed on. Patrick Daly was a sacking machine says Simmons. He recorded four sacks in the game and created big problems for the Wildcats. Watch more videos of Fortuna football

Hash lab explosions hurt many

By Hannah Hagquist
The explosions of hash labs have been a small but continuous problem in Fortuna since 2003. The explosions ruin people's apartments, injure people and the people in charge of the hash labs will have jail time.
Sergeant Ellebrecht said “We have had, in the past ten years, four or five in Fortuna,” about every two years there is an explosion. Each explosion ruins the apartment, depending on how much butane is in the air. They can blow rooftops of the apartments off.
Explosions always happen when someone is nearby, and they always get hurt. They get third degree burns and some people have had their fingers and toes blown off.
Prison sentences for being caught with a hash lab can range from seven years to longer. There could be charges against the people for child endangerment and for wrecking property.

Huskies show at Humboldt County Fair

By Morgane Alexandre and Marisa Wright
The Humboldt County Fair took place around mid-august in Ferndale. The fair committee put on this event for everyone with different food vendors, exhibits, amusement rides and shows.
This year was a very successful animal year. There were animals from swine to steers. Gwen Christiansen, a 9 year showman, shown her sheep Pickles and her meat birds this year. Showmanship is a big part of her life and she learns something every year. This year Christiansen received fifth in the market class for her lamb and made 9 dollars a pound, $7,276.73 in total.

Besides the showing of her lamb, Christiansen also enjoyed some of the activities at the fair. She enjoyed watching the hamster balls, the cartoon poodle show which was her favorite activity due to the excellent training of the dogs. Her favorite food place was Nature’s Servings due to the vegetarian options.

Holmes baby born in the summer

By Johnna Johnson

Over the summer, Daniel Holmes, a teacher at Fortuna Union High School, and Sarah Holmes, added a new little addition to the family. Cameryn Elizabeth Holmes was born July 22, 2013 at Mad River Community Hospital in Arcata. Sarah had an easy labor with Cameryn weighing in 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Coincidentally, Cameryn was born the same day as the royal baby. 
Before Sarah went into labor, she told Daniel she didn’t want him around, so he went and played soccer. Around 10:45pm Daniel came home and Sarah’s water broke soon after. Cameryn Elizabeth Holmes was born around 1:00am. Daniel Holmes explained excitedly Cameryn’s appearance “dark eyes, dark hair, curly hair, and lots of hair.”

Staff Weddings Change Teacher Names

By Tresyn Medina

On May 25, 2013 of last school year, Lindsey Bugbee happily married Ryan Kleiner. The beautiful wedding took place at Ferndale Church of the Assumption, after everyone met at the River Lodge to celebrate with a lovely reception. Approximately 350 people showed up to the celebration of their love. The coordinated wedding theme was aqua, pink, and lots and lots of burlap. Kleiner says, “It was a perfect day.”

Halstead teaches new Green Technology class

By Garrett Ross
Every Thursday the Green Technology class taught by Mrs. Halstead, 6th period, in room F5 recycles everything in the school. With the money we get from recycling we are putting it together to fundraise a trip to the Green Technology Convention in Sacramento, California. Also, we are going to be doing interesting projects such as: make your own fuel cell car, building Alka-Seltzer rockets as well as taking online classes with the topic of Green Technology.

Things to do in the Eel River Valley

By Whitney Katri and Cameron Dewell

While interviewing residents living in Eel River valley, the discovery of activities to do was incredible. After interviewing five people who are currently attending Fortuna High School, we realized the list of activities was drastically low. Finding that “hanging out with friends” is the most common for high school students. 
Trying to find something to do in the Eel River Valley can be difficult; you just have to do your research. There are a plethora of activities students can partake in, in the Eel River. For example, you can go on adventurous hikes with your friends. Another activity the Eel offers is bird watching, whaling, and canoeing. You can also go biking in one of our many parks. The list of activities goes on and on. Even visiting our beautiful redwoods or taking a trip to our national parks. The Eel River has much to offer everybody and their personal interests.