Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hash lab explosions hurt many

By Hannah Hagquist
The explosions of hash labs have been a small but continuous problem in Fortuna since 2003. The explosions ruin people's apartments, injure people and the people in charge of the hash labs will have jail time.
Sergeant Ellebrecht said “We have had, in the past ten years, four or five in Fortuna,” about every two years there is an explosion. Each explosion ruins the apartment, depending on how much butane is in the air. They can blow rooftops of the apartments off.
Explosions always happen when someone is nearby, and they always get hurt. They get third degree burns and some people have had their fingers and toes blown off.
Prison sentences for being caught with a hash lab can range from seven years to longer. There could be charges against the people for child endangerment and for wrecking property.

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