Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Huskies show at Humboldt County Fair

By Morgane Alexandre and Marisa Wright
The Humboldt County Fair took place around mid-august in Ferndale. The fair committee put on this event for everyone with different food vendors, exhibits, amusement rides and shows.
This year was a very successful animal year. There were animals from swine to steers. Gwen Christiansen, a 9 year showman, shown her sheep Pickles and her meat birds this year. Showmanship is a big part of her life and she learns something every year. This year Christiansen received fifth in the market class for her lamb and made 9 dollars a pound, $7,276.73 in total.

Besides the showing of her lamb, Christiansen also enjoyed some of the activities at the fair. She enjoyed watching the hamster balls, the cartoon poodle show which was her favorite activity due to the excellent training of the dogs. Her favorite food place was Nature’s Servings due to the vegetarian options.

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